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ATmega328 Fuse Bit Setting for 3.3V Vcc

By default, ATmega328 used in Arduino (such as Uno or Duemilanove) operates under 5.0V. Sometimes though it is necessary to use 3.3V supply voltage to accommodate peripheral circuits that cannot tolerate 5.0V. Continue reading ‘ATmega328 Fuse Bit Setting for 3.3V Vcc’ »

Alternative Crystal Frequency For Pinguino

After I built my first Pinguino, I decided to do some experiments on using crystals of different frequencies. By default, Pinguino uses a 20 Mhz crystal, since most of the crystals I have run at 16 Mhz I decided to dig a little deeper to see whether I could make Pinguino bootloader run at frequencies other than 20 Mhz. Continue reading ‘Alternative Crystal Frequency For Pinguino’ »

An Arduino ICSP Board

I have been using the bit-banging method to boot-load ATmega328p with Arduino bootloader for a while, and Kimo’s method worked quite well for me. If you need to flash a lot of chips however, you might not want to swap out the chip on your Arduino board every single time you need to flash another chip as you do not want to accidentally damage the socket (or the board) in the process. After all, the DIP socket is not designed for this kind of repetitive use. Continue reading ‘An Arduino ICSP Board’ »

On ATMega328 Bootloading With FTDI Bitbang Method

I have been using the FTDI bitbang method piloted by Kimio Kosaka and improved by others (1,2,3) to flash Arduino bootloader onto blank ATMega328p for a while and thought I would share my experience with everyone. Continue reading ‘On ATMega328 Bootloading With FTDI Bitbang Method’ »