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Teardown of an ATVR-1000D AC Voltage Regulator

I bought a used RegVolt ATVR-1000D automatic AC voltage regulator (the model I got has long been discontinued, but you can find a current production model here) off eBay last week. This regulator was produced for the 110V market, but I suspect that with some adjustments I could get it to output 120V instead. Continue reading ‘Teardown of an ATVR-1000D AC Voltage Regulator’ »

A Digital Thermometer Hygrometer With Analog Displays

It seems that you can’t visit to a microcontroller website without seeing a digital thermometer/hygrometer build of some kind. After all, it is pretty easy to build and at the same time quite useful as well. In this post, I will show you yet another thermometer/hygrometer build. But instead of using an LCD or 7 segment display for the output, I decided to go retro, using two “needles” to display the temperature and humidity readings instead. Continue reading ‘A Digital Thermometer Hygrometer With Analog Displays’ »