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Troubleshooting USB Circuit

I have built some circuits that interface with computer USB ports. On several occasions, I had built the circuits but for whatever reason they did not seem to work. Since most USB firmware is rather complex in nature, it is usually useful to first identify whether the issue at hand is related to hardware or software. Continue reading ‘Troubleshooting USB Circuit’ »

Simple External Powered USB Port

I recently bought a TrendNet TK-207K KVM switch. After hooking up my mouse and keyboard, I was suprised to find out that the setting did not work. The mouse and keyboard would act strangely and sometimes one would stop working altogether. At first, I thought that I might have gotten a defective unit. But I quickly realized that it was a power issue — The USB port was not able to provide sufficient power to both my mouse and my keyboard. Continue reading ‘Simple External Powered USB Port’ »

An Arduino Compatible Using CP2102

Standard Arduino boards use FTDI’s FT232RL to interface with computer’s USB port. Since FT232R is just a USB to UART converter, it is possible to build an Arduino compatible USB interface using other USB to UART chips. Continue reading ‘An Arduino Compatible Using CP2102’ »