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Samba File Server Using a Parallel External Hard Drive

I have a DataStor parallel port external hard drive enclosure bought in 1997 and a laptop computer (Pentium MMX 133, 128M RAM) from around 2001. Continue reading ‘Samba File Server Using a Parallel External Hard Drive’ »

Browser Impersonation

Sometimes it is necessary to impersonate a certain browser type. Continue reading ‘Browser Impersonation’ »

Enable Mouse Scrolling in FreeBSD 6.2

After I installed FreeBSD 6.2, I found out that my wheeled Microsoft Mouse does not support scrolling any more. Continue reading ‘Enable Mouse Scrolling in FreeBSD 6.2’ »

BASH Text Coloring Settings for FreeBSD

By default FreeBSD (in my case, the most recent 6.2 version) installs sh as the standard shell. Continue reading ‘BASH Text Coloring Settings for FreeBSD’ »

HTML Encoded Captcha Not Necessarily More Secure

I read an article linked from on SlashDot that illustrates an alternative way of generating Captcha to prevent spam bot attacks. Continue reading ‘HTML Encoded Captcha Not Necessarily More Secure’ »

Flash Drive Stress Test

One of the shortcomings of flash drives is that the read/write cycles are limited and many sources suggest that flash drives are not suitable for frequent reads and writes operations (e.g. using a journaling file system). Continue reading ‘Flash Drive Stress Test’ »

2Wire Gateway “Router behind Router” Problem Update

About half a year ago, I mentioned that I had some problems of running VMWare while using 1701HG Gateway. Continue reading ‘2Wire Gateway “Router behind Router” Problem Update’ »

LCD Vs. CRT – Dell’s False Advertising

So why should you buy an LCD instead of a CRT monitor? Well, an LCD is flat, lighter, more power efficient, and its viewable screen size is the same as the stated size (as opposed to CRT). Continue reading ‘LCD Vs. CRT – Dell’s False Advertising’ »