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Agilent U1731B LCR Meter Teardown

A couple of weeks ago, I got myself an Agilent U1731B LCR meter on eBay. These handheld LCR meters are quite expensive when new, but can be found on eBay for a fraction of the original price. Dave Jones at the EEVBlog did a teardown video on a better spec’d U1733C (and U1733B) meter a few years ago, I suspect that circuit-wise the U1731B would be quite similar to what’s inside of a U1733B. Continue reading ‘Agilent U1731B LCR Meter Teardown’ »

Samba File Server Using a Parallel External Hard Drive

I have a DataStor parallel port external hard drive enclosure bought in 1997 and a laptop computer (Pentium MMX 133, 128M RAM) from around 2001. Continue reading ‘Samba File Server Using a Parallel External Hard Drive’ »