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Lousy GDI+ Error Messages

I have heard many people complaining about how GDI+ handles errors. Continue reading ‘Lousy GDI+ Error Messages’ »

On Microsoft Windows Home Server

I am not quite sure why  would any one purchase a computer that serves solely as a home server or put $190 to get a copy of Windows Home Server. Continue reading ‘On Microsoft Windows Home Server’ »

First Take: Windows Server 2008 Beta 3

Windows Server 2008 Beta 3 (build 6001) has been out for a week, and during the weekend I downloaded the bits and gave it a spin. Continue reading ‘First Take: Windows Server 2008 Beta 3’ »

A Physical to VM Backup Strategy for Ubuntu Server

One benefit of using a Linux environment is that the whole system back up is extremely easy. Continue reading ‘A Physical to VM Backup Strategy for Ubuntu Server’ »

Apache Log Rotation on Ubuntu Server

Interestingly, the log rotation utility rotatelogs which came with Apache does not work with Ubuntu 7.04 installation. At least not when the Apache is installed via apt-get. Continue reading ‘Apache Log Rotation on Ubuntu Server’ »

On OfficeLive Beta

After reading Mary Jo Foley’s article on ZDNet, I thought that I would give OfficeLive a try. Of course, my first experience was not all that impressive. Continue reading ‘On OfficeLive Beta’ »