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Same Method, Different Speed

I came across something rather interesting the other day when trying to determine what sorting algorithms .Net Framework uses in its list class: The built-in  sorting method runs much faster than the reverse-engineered and then compiled code, even though in theory the code being executed is identical. Continue reading ‘Same Method, Different Speed’ »

Interesting Databinding Behavior

Earlier today, while I was trying to bind a collection to a drop down list, I got the following exception: Continue reading ‘Interesting Databinding Behavior’ »

My Favorite Program of All Time

I remember that in one of my graduate school classes at University of Wisconsin – Madison, professor Rastislav Bodik (he had left UW Madison and gone to UC Berkeley since) showed us this article Reverse Engineering the Twelve Days of Christmas from Microsoft Research while explaining some compilation theories. Continue reading ‘My Favorite Program of All Time’ »

GRUB Error 17, LILO Rules

Ubuntu and OpenSUSE have been my top choices of Linux distros over the years. Continue reading ‘GRUB Error 17, LILO Rules’ »

Weird Master Page Problem

I recently ran into a very strange problem with ASP.Net 2.0. I have used master pages for a couple of years now, and this is the first time I encountered such an odd problem. Continue reading ‘Weird Master Page Problem’ »

A Strange DVD RW Problem

My home workstation has a Plextor PX-708A DVD-RW drive, and it has been working perfectly until quite recently. Continue reading ‘A Strange DVD RW Problem’ »


When I tried WINE many years ago, there were not that many large applications that could actually run smoothly without some sort of hacks. Continue reading ‘MATLAB 7 under WINE’ »