When I tried WINE many years ago, there were not that many large applications that could actually run smoothly without some sort of hacks.But when I gave it another try the other day, I was totally impressed by its abilities to run Windows applications natively under Linux. In fact, most Windows applications, as long as they use standard Windows API’s, could almost run directly under WINE without any modifications or tweaks (support for Microsft’s latest products however is quite limited as newer API’s might not have been implemented under WINE yet).

To use MATLAB 7 under WINE, all one has to do is to copy the harddrive serial number over into ~/.wine/drive_c/.windows-serial. Here I assume that MATLAB has already been installed under Windows C drive.

The serial number is the disk serial number detected during MATLAB’s installation and can be found under [MATLAB root folder]/bin/win32/license.dat. The value after HOSTID=DISK_SERIAL_NUM= is the serial number.

After setting the disk serial number, MATLAB should be able to be invoked from the shell:


wine /windows/C/MATLAB701/bin/win32/MATLAB.exe

Here is a screen shot of MATLAB 7 running under Suse 10.3 (Gome):


And if the serial number is set incorrectly, the following message will be received instead:

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11 Thoughts on “MATLAB 7 under WINE”

  • is “.windoes-serial” a text file where we put the serial number inside or a directory we need to put license.dat ? would you explain it more detail?

      • please explain it a little more. okay, i got the serial number from the license.dat: ########. now, what will i do with it?
        thanks in advance!

        • If you go to your home directory (typically it is /home/{your user name}/ there is a hidden directory where the wine stores it’s data. so you should be able to navigate to /home/{your user name}/.wine/drive_c/ and there you will find a hidden file called .windows-serial and the key needs to go in there.

  • Thanks a lot. Worked fine. Just one thing, I think you meant the name of the file to be “windows-serial” and not “windoes-serial”.

  • Spent far too long looking for this bit of info, got Matlab running for me!

    Unfortunately, now that it runs it runs horribly broken: 3/4 of the display starts out black, inactive or buggy controls, bad path, jvm won’t shut up… I’m guessing its just another case of amd64 being a complete and utter failure.

  • I’m using Wine v1.1.41 and copied a windows MATLAB folder over to my linux HD. I was having problems at first, the /.windows-serial file wasn’t present. But, it gets created after manually assigning Wine’s c drive a serial number. You want to assign it the serial number that is in the license.dat file. It now works great!

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