Flash Site Compatibility Issue

It seems that the Toyota site does not render correctly with Firefox under Linux (with Flash plugin enabled). It definitely has something to do with the Linux version of Flash and how the site was constructed. When the site is opened up in Firefox under Linux, the menus do not show up at all making it impossible to navigate the site.

I have long been leery about Flash centric websites, since Flash support on various operating systems and browsers can be quite different despite the ubiquity of Flash claimed by many people.

Interestingly, the Toyota site does have a HTML only version (if you visit it using konqueror, you will get to the HTML version) when Flash plugin is absent. But in my case, the player is installed so there is no way to fall back to the HTML version site without having to turn off the Flash plugin.

It may also be that the Ubuntu Linux I am running is 64 bit. Who knows, is anyone else having the same problem?

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