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Site Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5

Upgrading WordPress to the latest version is surprisingly easy following these instructions. Continue reading ‘Site Upgraded to WordPress 2.6.5’ »

The Annoyance of In-Text Ads

Thanks to the inclusion of pop-up blockers in all major browsers, pop-up advertising no longer poses as an annoyance to web surfers. In fact I not only block pop-ups, but block Flash by default as well. Continue reading ‘The Annoyance of In-Text Ads’ »

Unity is the Future for VMs

I recently downloaded VMWare’s latest workstation product (VMWare Workstation 6.5) and set it up to run on my 64 bit Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. Continue reading ‘Unity is the Future for VMs’ »

ASUS P5QL Pro Audio Configuration in Ubuntu 8.10 (64 Bit)

After building the new quad core PC, I realized that the sound was not working (at first, I did not pay much attention to sound since this new build is used mainly as a headless node). Continue reading ‘ASUS P5QL Pro Audio Configuration in Ubuntu 8.10 (64 Bit)’ »

A Simple Beowulf Cluster

As I mentioned previously, one of the reasons I built another quad-core PC was that I wanted to do some experiments with high performance computing. Even though the idea of a two-node mini cluster does not sound like much, the principle behind it is pretty similar to much larger and more powerful clusters. Continue reading ‘A Simple Beowulf Cluster’ »