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Timing Methods in C++ Under Linux

Measuring the execution time for code sections can be done in multiple ways in C++. Except for the time resolution issue, different timing methods worked relatively the same in single processor environment. As multi-core processors become more prevalent however, we need to be careful at choosing the correct timing mechanism as not all such routines measure the wall time elapsed. Continue reading ‘Timing Methods in C++ Under Linux’ »

Magick++ Missing Delegate Error

As I wrote last time, I did a clean Ubuntu 9.04 install on my main PC. Continue reading ‘Magick++ Missing Delegate Error’ »

Ubuntu 9.04 on My Main PC

Last month,I upgraded one of my PCs from Ubuntu 8.10 to Ubuntu 9.04 and everything went rather smoothly. Since my main PC is running Ubuntu 8.04 (LTS) and there is no option to upgrade to 9.04 directly without going through 8.10, so I decided to try a fresh installation. Continue reading ‘Ubuntu 9.04 on My Main PC’ »

Got Slashdotted

OK, I admit I was not quite prepared for the traffic I got for my previous post on MS-DEBUG as my website has been overwhelmed by the flood of requests coming in. Yes, I got Slashdotted! Continue reading ‘Got Slashdotted’ »

MS-DEBUG 1981 – 2009

Earlier this week (May 5) Microsoft Windows 7 Release Candidate was released to the general public and like many technology enthusiasts I downloaded a copy early in the morning hours on Tuesday, shortly after Microsoft made it available on its website. Continue reading ‘MS-DEBUG 1981 – 2009’ »

Canny Edge Detection Auto Thresholding

In the example I gave in “Interfacing IPP with Magick++“, I illustrated how to use Intel’s Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) to perform edge detection. One issue with Canny edge detection algorithm is that we need to specify a high threshold and a low threshold. How to select those threshold values affect the quality of the detected edge greatly. And in my previous example, the threshold values were chosen manually. In this blog post, I will examine a couple of simple methods that can be used to automatically determine the threshold values. Continue reading ‘Canny Edge Detection Auto Thresholding’ »

Kubuntu 9.04 Test Drive

I was traditionally a KDE user till KDE 4.0 came along. While many users are excited about many of the new features (e.g. Widgets) added in KDE 4, I am simply no big fan of fancy user interfaces. So I have been using GNOME ever since. Of course the beauty of Linux is that running one windows manager does not prevent you from running applications native to another windows manager. Continue reading ‘Kubuntu 9.04 Test Drive’ »