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Image Blur Detection via Hough Transform — III

I will continue where I left off in my previous post. After performing Hough transform, and extracted the longest sections of lines for each corresponding Hough line detected, we will need to calculate the gradients of the image pixels luminance around the line sections. Continue reading ‘Image Blur Detection via Hough Transform — III’ »

Image Blur Detection via Hough Transform — II

In my previous post, I briefly discussed the rationale behind automated blur detection in digital imagery and did an overview of an algorithm that could be used to detect blur images. Here I will show some implementation details along with some C++ code snippets. Continue reading ‘Image Blur Detection via Hough Transform — II’ »

Image Blur Detection via Hough Transform — I

It is often necessary to identify and classify images based on their clarities. For instance, it is desirable for an automated process to locate blurred images within a large digitized image library and then automatically sharpen the blurred images via inverse filtering or blind deconvolution. In the following series of articles, I will discuss a practical method in detecting blur images using Hough Transform. Continue reading ‘Image Blur Detection via Hough Transform — I’ »

C++ Recursive Directory Search Under Linux

I was trying to search for some code examples on how to do a recursive directory search under Linux using C++ the other day. But to my surprise, I could not find any place that offers a complete example. So I decided to post my code here after I created my own and hopefully you will find it helpful. Continue reading ‘C++ Recursive Directory Search Under Linux’ »

LaTeX Math Equations in WordPress

Getting LaTex style math equations to work in WordPress is actually pretty easy. I followed the advice here and everything seemed to work pretty well. Continue reading ‘LaTeX Math Equations in WordPress’ »

My First Few Days With Bing

So Microsoft’s new search engine Bing has been available for the general public for a few days. While I have read about Bing here and there, I decided to do some comparison myself between Bing and Google. Continue reading ‘My First Few Days With Bing’ »