I have finally got around to upgrade my web server. The server I have been using was an old Pentium III about 10 years old. It had been serving my website quite well over the years till recently. Due to the small amount of RAM (512MB), that server was no longer able to handle the ever increasing net traffic and had been crashing with out-of-memory errors quite often.

Luckily, I got a fully equipped hand-me-down Compaq (HP) ProLiant DL360 G2 server and I decided to migrate my website over during the weekend.

Even though this server is a few generations behind, it has dual Pentium III S 1.4 GHz processors, 15,000 RMP SCSI harddrive and 4GB of RAM which is more than plenty to meet my near future needs.

Since my web server was running on Ubuntu Server 8.04, this hardware upgrade also gives me an opportunity to upgrade the OS to the latest version of Ubuntu Server (10.04) which is also an LTS version.

With the new hardware and software, the site should be running rather smoothly for the next couple of years…

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