Well, there is an old saying:“There’s no such thing as a free lunch.” After yesterday’s server upgrade, everything worked pretty well till sometime late this afternoon.

At first I noticed that the database was down, but when I finally got to the console after work, it appeared that the server had crashed for some reason. So naturally, I powered down the server and rebooted. But nothing happened, there was no POST message. At first I thought this was just a temporary glitch of some kind, but after repeated reboot attempts it became apparent that something was seriously wrong. I swapped RAM and CPU and tried a few other tricks but the machine refused to show any sign of life… I guess that somehow the old hand-me-down server had just bit the dust.

I could have just powered back on my old server but since I had intended to upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04 (my old server was running Ubuntu 8.04) I decided to run my server under VMWare for the time being till I get a chance to upgrade my old server to 10.04 first.

I guess I will have to live with my old Pentium III server for a bit longer. But hey, old as it is, it only consumes 40W of power!

Update 8/3/2010
I have switched back to my old server. As I mentioned yesterday, I upgraded the server to Ubuntu 10.04. So everything is back to normal, at least for now…

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