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I2C Data Logger Using ATmega328p and DS3232 – I

There is a popular data logger shield out there designed for Arduino using a DS1307 real time clock chip. And that design makes data logging extremely easy if an Arduino board is used. Continue reading ‘I2C Data Logger Using ATmega328p and DS3232 – I’ »

ZIF Arduino Prototyping Board

The official Arduino Duemilanove board is an excellent tool for prototyping. For most of the users, it is a very solid platform for various MCU experiment circuits given the number of readily-made shields available. Continue reading ‘ZIF Arduino Prototyping Board’ »

A High Current TRIAC Controller Using Arduino

One of the goals in my previous timer project was to achieve the ability to control multiple electronic devices using the precise time signal generated by the RTC chip (bq3287). For electronic devices using up to a couple of amperes, a relay should be more than capable to handle the load. But for high voltage and high current home appliances such as water heaters (typically 240V, 20 to 30 A), the relay solution becomes much more expensive and less reliable. Continue reading ‘A High Current TRIAC Controller Using Arduino’ »

A Digital Level Using Accelerometer

To measure how flat a surface is, you typically will need a level of some sort. In this article, I will show you a digital level I made with an accelerometer. It is extremely accurate, capable of measuring inclination as small as 1/1000 degree. Continue reading ‘A Digital Level Using Accelerometer’ »