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I2C Data Logger Using ATmega328p and DS3232 – II

In my last blog post, I showed you the schematic of a I2C data logger I built. Here I will discuss some sample code used for this data logger and how to make it even more flexible. Continue reading ‘I2C Data Logger Using ATmega328p and DS3232 – II’ »

A Digital Level Using Accelerometer

To measure how flat a surface is, you typically will need a level of some sort. In this article, I will show you a digital level I made with an accelerometer. It is extremely accurate, capable of measuring inclination as small as 1/1000 degree. Continue reading ‘A Digital Level Using Accelerometer’ »

Interfacing LIS3LV02DL Using SPI — II

In my last post, I described in detail how to hand solder LIS3LV02DL, an LGA packaged accelerometer chip. And here I will show you how the communication with Arduino is done using SPI. Continue reading ‘Interfacing LIS3LV02DL Using SPI — II’ »

Interfacing LIS3LV02DL Using SPI — I

LIS3LV02DL is a MEMS three-axis digital linear accelerometer that provides both I2C and SPI interfaces for communicating with microprocessors. My work here is largely based on the work done at Near Future Laboratory. Instead of using a commercially available LIS3LV02DQ break-out board (LIS3LV02DQ is QFP packaging equivalent of LIS3LV02DL), I chose to hand solder an LIS3LV02DL (which is uses LGA packaging). And I have made some changes to the code sample to support more functionality. Continue reading ‘Interfacing LIS3LV02DL Using SPI — I’ »