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Building a Wireless Temperature Sensor

I have built quite a few (1,2,3) temperature measurement circuits in the past, but none of those has remote sensing capability. So I decided to make a wireless temperature sensor so that temperature measurements can be made anywhere within the range of the transmitter and the receiver. Continue reading ‘Building a Wireless Temperature Sensor’ »

Simple Alexa Ranking Script

Alexa is a great tool for gathering your website’s statistics. Using its traffic rank moving average, you can see how your content affects your site’s popularity over time. Continue reading ‘Simple Alexa Ranking Script’ »

Power is Back

The power finally came back early this morning. So from last Saturday till today, we have been without power for almost ten days. Well things could have been a lot worse. Thankfully my generator had been working great without a glitch for the last week and half. Continue reading ‘Power is Back’ »

Back Online Again — Finally!

The Halloween nor’easter knocked out power and internet service last Saturday. Even though I have a backup generator, the internet outage caused my site to go dark for the past few days (well almost a whole week). Continue reading ‘Back Online Again — Finally!’ »