Miniware DS213 is a 15 MHz bandwidth 100 MSa/s mini portable oscilloscope. It has a dimension of just 99.5mm x 59mm x 13mm which is really tiny yet it supports 4 input channels and has a built-in function generator.

DS213 does not have a touch screen, instead it is operated by a few buttons and a couple of rotary encoders. It is enclosed in a beautifully designed anodized aluminum case.

The scope is powered by a 1Ah Lipo battery. With a current draw of roughly 170 mA during normal operation, it can be used continuously for around 6 hours.

Here is a picture of the main circuit board. The oscilloscope is implemented with two AG1KLPQ48 low power low cost FPGAs. The signal is then sampled by an MXT2088 8 bit, 100 MSa/s ADC, which matches the specified sampling rate of the scope.

Because of the space restrictions, the DS213 uses MCX connectors for the channel input and signal generator output. The input signal is amplified by the two GS8052 250 MHz rail-to-rail opamps.

The MCU used is a GigaDevice GD32F303VET6 ARM Cortex-M4 microcontroller.

Here is a picture of the LCD side.

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