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Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server

Update: Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server — Step by Step

I switched my hosting environment from dasBlog + IIS on Windows to WordPress + LAMP on Linux a few days ago and everything seemed to have gone pretty smoothly so far. Continue reading ‘Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server’ »

Hello WordPress

When I first started using dasBlog as my blog engine a couple years ago, my thoughts were that since it was open source and was written in .Net I could do some customization work if I wanted to. Continue reading ‘Hello WordPress’ »

Firefox Upgrade Problem for Non-Admin Users

It seems that the Firefox updater has some glitches updating the software when less-privileged users and Admin users are concurrently accessing it via terminal services. Continue reading ‘Firefox Upgrade Problem for Non-Admin Users’ »

Microsoft Automatic Updates Behaving Weird? – Update

Microsoft Automatic Updates Behaving Weird?

I usually do not have any problem with Microsoft Automatic Updates. Continue reading ‘Microsoft Automatic Updates Behaving Weird?’ »

Storm Pictures From the Plane

The weather was pretty stormy on my trip to Dallas last week, I happened to bring my camera and here are a few pictures I took on the plane… Continue reading ‘Storm Pictures From the Plane’ »