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On Flex, ActionScript

I went through a week-long training class on Flex last week. Continue reading ‘On Flex, ActionScript’ »

Olympics, Linux

I have to admit, not being able to watch Olympics on Linux is truly disappointing (I,II). Continue reading ‘Olympics, Linux’ »

Extending the GridView — Part IV

In the previous three posts(I, II, III), I showed you how to inherit from GridView control to create an extended control that can bind to a generic list of objects. In this final post of the series, I will show you a simple example to illustrate how to use the GridViewEx control. Continue reading ‘Extending the GridView — Part IV’ »

Extending the GridView — Part III

In Part II, I showed you how to extend the GridView control so that we can bind a generic list to it. Because GridViewEx inherits from GridView, it has all the functionalities GridView has (i.e. paging). Sometimes, it is desirable to change the number of items displayed on a page dynamically, to accommodate this, we will create a GridViewPager control (ascx). Continue reading ‘Extending the GridView — Part III’ »

Extending the GridView — Part II

In Part I, I talked about why we needed to extend the GridView and some of the benefit in doing that. In this post, I will discuss how to extend the standard GridView control to take advantage of binding to the type safe value objects mentioned previously. Continue reading ‘Extending the GridView — Part II’ »

On Windows Vista UAC

It seems that a lot of people do not like Windows Vista UAC’s. While UAC looks and feels a lot like sudo in Debian Linux (e.g. Ubuntu), it behaves quite differently than sudo. Continue reading ‘On Windows Vista UAC’ »

Extending the GridView — Part I

Most business applications require presenting result sets to the end users in the form of some kind of grid views. Continue reading ‘Extending the GridView — Part I’ »

Malware that Disguises as Antivirus Software

The techniques malware writers use nowadays are becoming more and more sophisticated. The last time I spotted a malware was almost two years ago. At that time, a page that I was visiting contained a JPEG image that was exploit by a zero-day vulnerability. Continue reading ‘Malware that Disguises as Antivirus Software’ »