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Another Quad Core Build

I built a quad core machine about six months ago. The goal back then was to build a performance PC. Recently, I decided to build another PC so that I could have my mini-cluster. Continue reading ‘Another Quad Core Build’ »

Flash Site Compatibility Issue

It seems that the Toyota site does not render correctly with Firefox under Linux (with Flash plugin enabled). It definitely has something to do with the Linux version of Flash and how the site was constructed. Continue reading ‘Flash Site Compatibility Issue’ »

Flash 10 on Ubuntu 64 bit — Significant Performance Improvement

Flash 10 just came out a few days ago, and I just installed it using the information provided on Ubuntu Forum (I used the script from here to install on my 64bit Ubuntu). Continue reading ‘Flash 10 on Ubuntu 64 bit — Significant Performance Improvement’ »

PD1001 Webcam on Hardy Heron

I have an old webcam (Creative PD1001) which is not officially supported on Linux. Fortunately, Endpoints EPCAM USB Camera Driver is known to work with PD1001 on many Linux distros. Continue reading ‘PD1001 Webcam on Hardy Heron’ »

SQL Injection Attacks Still Common

Once a while, I would comb through my server logs to see i there is any unusual activities. Among all types of "attacks" that I could identify within my server logs, It seems that SQL injection attacks are still the most common type of attack. Continue reading ‘SQL Injection Attacks Still Common’ »

New OC Result

I upgraded my P5E BIOS to 0903 and it seems that this BIOS has some improvements on over-clocking. Continue reading ‘New OC Result’ »