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Windows 7 Unresponsive Under VMWare After Idle

I installed Windows 7 Beta (64 bit) under VMWare 6.5.1 (Linux version) a couple of weeks ago, and my main objective was to compare its user interface and functionality with that of Windows Vista. Continue reading ‘Windows 7 Unresponsive Under VMWare After Idle’ »

The Perfect UI

When talking about designing the perfect user interface, different people sometimes have very different ideas. It is more of a religious thing then being simply right or wrong. Continue reading ‘The Perfect UI’ »

Windows 7, An Updated Vista?

I just downloaded Microsoft’s latest OS beta — Windows 7 64bit, which was released to the general public two days ago. Continue reading ‘Windows 7, An Updated Vista?’ »

Power Factor of a Compact Fluorescent Lamp

I got a P3 Kill A Watt as Christmas present. Besides being able to measure voltage, current and kilo-watt-hours, it can measure power factor as well. Continue reading ‘Power Factor of a Compact Fluorescent Lamp’ »

What Happened to the Testing?

You have probably heard the Zune fiasco at the turn of the new year. Or if you have one with 30GB hard drive, you probably have experienced it yourself. Continue reading ‘What Happened to the Testing?’ »