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The Obstacles to Linux Going Mainstream

It was almost one year ago when I switched my main home computer to Linux. Since then, I have been using my Ubuntu 8.04 installation daily and have not found the need to boot up Windows at all. Continue reading ‘The Obstacles to Linux Going Mainstream’ »

My Favorite Linus Quote

Linus is famous for making radical and controversial statements. While a lot of these quotes sound harsh, they are profoundly true nevertheless. Continue reading ‘My Favorite Linus Quote’ »

Interfacing IPP with Magick++

Intel’s Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) is a low level C++ library. It provides routines that are highly optimized on Intel processors. I recently started using it because its vast speed advantage in signal and image processing applications. Continue reading ‘Interfacing IPP with Magick++’ »

Matrix Multiplication Performance in C++

A few days ago, I ran across this article by Dmitri Nesteruk. In his article, he compared the performance between C# and C++ in matrix multiplication. From the data he provided, matrix multiplication using C# is two to three times slower than using C++ in comparable situations. Continue reading ‘Matrix Multiplication Performance in C++’ »

Blog Theme Updated

I had been using a modified version of Kaushal Sheth‘s (it seems that his web site is currently being redesigned.) Indigo for a couple of years and really enjoyed the theme’s clean design. Continue reading ‘Blog Theme Updated’ »