Last week, I received two of the demo boards from Renesas. One is a YRPBRL78G13 and the other is a RPBRX62N. The RL78/G13 promotional board features a 64 pin R5F100LEA 16-bit microcontroller, which has 64K flash ROM, 4K data flash and 4K RAM. The RX62N contains a R5F562N8BDFP 32-bit microcontroller, which has 512K ROM, 32K data flash and 96K RAM.

Renesas MCUs
Renesas MCUs

I have not spent too much time playing with them yet. But the latter one (RX62N) definitely looks more interesting to me. On the demo board it features an embedded web server and a VNC server. This type of configuration is very useful in designing networked smart appliances. The included evaluation software (Renesas High Performance Embedded Workshop) is only fully functional for 60 days though, I am not sure if that will be enough time for me to explore.

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