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Digital Metronome — Revisited

Last year, I wrote about a simple digital metronome project. While the device worked pretty well there are a few changes that are to be desired. Continue reading ‘Digital Metronome — Revisited’ »

SchmartBoard — First Impressions

For a lot of electronics enthusiasts and DIYers, hand-soldering SMT components can be a great challenge. And given the trend of component miniaturization, a lot of ICs no longer come with DIP packaging. Soldering such small components by hand without proper equipment (e.g. SMD hot air rework station) can be extremely difficult for beginners. The folks at SchmartBoard were kind enough to send me a few of their SMT prototyping boards to play with. So I decided to try them out to see how their proto-boards stack up with some of the alternatives on the market. Continue reading ‘SchmartBoard — First Impressions’ »

Simple Zener Diode Tester

In this post I will show you a simple Zenner diode tester circuit, when coupled with a PWM generator it can be used to measure the breakdown voltage of Zener diodes. Or more generically, it can be used to measure the breakdown voltages (e.g. BVceo, BVcbo) of BTJ transistors. Continue reading ‘Simple Zener Diode Tester’ »