A couple of years ago, I reviewed a Kaiweets HT118A multimeter. The HT118A is a 6,000 counts multimeter and this time around I got an E version of the HT118. The HT118E in comparison is a 20,000 counts DMM. A full video review of this meter is linked towards the end.

Putting the HT118E and HT118A side by side you can see that the exterior looks virtually identical between these two models, the only difference is the model number printed on the top right corner of the meter.

Here is a side by side comparison of the main board for the HT118E (left) and HT118A (right). The layouts are largely the same, except for the area where the DMM chip and display driver chip are located.

Unfortunately, the markings are the main DMM chip is sanded off so are the markings on the 14 SOIC chip. In the picture to the right below, you can see a 24C02 2K I2C EEPROM chip which is presumably used to store the DMM configurations and calibration constants.

Here is a close-up of the display driver used in the HT118E. It is a HOLTEk HT1621B 32×4 LCD controller.

The reverse side of the PCB looks almost identical between the 118E (left) and the 118A (right).

Here are a couple more pictures showing the reverse side of PCB of the HT118E:

Here is the link to the teardown video:

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