I did a review of a UNI-T UTG1042X two channel, 40 MHz bandwidth arbitrary waveform generator on my YouTube channel, a few days ago. In this blog posting, I will share some of the teardown pictures with you.

Although UNI-T 1042X utilizes a standard instrument case, which is much larger than the UNI-T 962E, the main circuit board inside is surprisingly similar. In fact, most of the case is unoccupied and there are only two vertically mounted circuit boards: one on the rear panel which houses the switching power supply and the other mounted on the front panel which is the main PCB.

The picture below is the built-in switching power supply. This power supply is based on an OnSemi FSQ0165R switching IC and generates the ±7.5V and ±17V rails needed by the main board.

Here is a picture of the main board before it’s removed from the front panel. Underneath the main board, there is the LCD and an additional PCB for the front panel buttons. The two boards are interconnected view two rows of headers.

The main chip is a GW2A-LV18 FPGA and the output DAC used is an AD9122 a Dual 16 bit 1.23 GSa/s DAC. The application processor is an STM32H750 ARM Cortex M7 core microcontroller.

On the other side of the board, there are quite a few DC/DC converters.

Here are a couple of pictures of the main board from UNI-T 962E for comparison:

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