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Interfacing IPP with Magick++

Intel’s Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) is a low level C++ library. It provides routines that are highly optimized on Intel processors. I recently started using it because its vast speed advantage in signal and image processing applications. Continue reading ‘Interfacing IPP with Magick++’ »

Matrix Multiplication Performance in C++

A few days ago, I ran across this article by Dmitri Nesteruk. In his article, he compared the performance between C# and C++ in matrix multiplication. From the data he provided, matrix multiplication using C# is two to three times slower than using C++ in comparable situations. Continue reading ‘Matrix Multiplication Performance in C++’ »

PD1001 Webcam on Hardy Heron

I have an old webcam (Creative PD1001) which is not officially supported on Linux. Fortunately, Endpoints EPCAM USB Camera Driver is known to work with PD1001 on many Linux distros. Continue reading ‘PD1001 Webcam on Hardy Heron’ »

TBB Mandelbrot Set

In an earlier post, I created a simple prime finding program using Intel’s TBB (Thread Building Block). The main benefit of using TBB is that threading and thread synchronization mechanism are abstracted away within the TBB library so we do not need to deal with threads explicitly. Also, TBB is optimized for performance and scales nicely as the number of processing unit increases. Continue reading ‘TBB Mandelbrot Set’ »

Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development

Qt is a cross-platform object oriented C++ framework for application development. Continue reading ‘Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development’ »

A Simple TBB Program: TBB Prime

I have been playing around with Intel’s Threading Building Block for a while and have started to really appreciate its simplicity and elegance: Instead of thinking in threads and thread synchronizations, one can just simply concentrate on the problem on the hand. Continue reading ‘A Simple TBB Program: TBB Prime’ »

Thoughts on “Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?”

I recently ran across two very interesting articles (Computer Science Education: Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?, Who Killed the Software Engineer? (Hint: It Happened in College)) discussing how the current university education has become inadequate in terms of producing highly qualified software engineers and developers. Continue reading ‘Thoughts on “Where Are the Software Engineers of Tomorrow?”’ »

My Favorite Program of All Time

I remember that in one of my graduate school classes at University of Wisconsin – Madison, professor Rastislav Bodik (he had left UW Madison and gone to UC Berkeley since) showed us this article Reverse Engineering the Twelve Days of Christmas from Microsoft Research while explaining some compilation theories. Continue reading ‘My Favorite Program of All Time’ »