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Advanced Slave Camera Flash Controller

Simple slave camera flash (or synchronous flash, like this one I built earlier) works great with older film cameras, but does not work with modern digital cameras. This is due to the fact that the majority of the digital cameras nowadays employee a so-called pre-flash for metering purposes prior to the actual shooting. The pre-flash causes the slave flash to be triggered prematurely which inter has a detrimental effect on the picture taken, causing the scene to be darker then done without using the slave flash since the camera thinks the environment was lighter than it actually was when the slave flash was triggered. Continue reading ‘Advanced Slave Camera Flash Controller’ »

5A Lab Power Supply With Digital Readout

I got a used 250VA power transformer that was removed from equipment a couple of weeks ago. The transformer has a dual 10V AC output and a few auxiliary voltage outputs. The 10V winding is rated at 10A, I thought it would be perfect for a high current power supply project. Continue reading ‘5A Lab Power Supply With Digital Readout’ »

Synchronous Camera Flash Trigger Using IGBT

Typically a synchronous camera flash (e.g. slave flash) is triggered via an SCR. In this blog post, I will show you a circuit that can be used to trigger a secondary camera flash using an IGBT. Continue reading ‘Synchronous Camera Flash Trigger Using IGBT’ »