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Network Traffic/Cyber Monday

It seems that the busy Cyber Monday does not bode too well for some popular online stores. Continue reading ‘Network Traffic/Cyber Monday’ »

MTU or 2701HG Gateway Issue — Update

Back in May, I mentioned that I had noticed a strange problem about my Internet connection after I moved. Continue reading ‘MTU or 2701HG Gateway Issue — Update’ »

A TIFF Merge and Split Utility

Here is a tool that I created (in C#.Net) which comes in handy when dealing with multi-frame TIFF images. Continue reading ‘A TIFF Merge and Split Utility’ »

Understanding “A generic error occurred in GDI+.” Error

When dealing with GDI+ in .Net (e.g. certain objects in System.Drawing namespace), we would sometimes get the following exception: Continue reading ‘Understanding “A generic error occurred in GDI+.” Error’ »

GDI+ Unable to Handle JPEG Compressed TIFF Images

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the lousy error message handling in GDI+. Apparently, it is not only just lousy, but incomplete as well. Continue reading ‘GDI+ Unable to Handle JPEG Compressed TIFF Images’ »

A Stange Post Back Problem

A few days ago, I was deploying a Website at work and ran into a very mysterious problem. Continue reading ‘A Stange Post Back Problem’ »

CopySourceAsHtml Works Great With WordPress

When I was using dasBlog as my blogging engine, copying code snippet into blog posts seemed to be almost as easy as copy and paste. Continue reading ‘CopySourceAsHtml Works Great With WordPress’ »

I Was Not Alone

In June and July, I wrote a couple of posts (1, 2) about my experience with AT&T, and apparently many more people have had similar experiences. Continue reading ‘I Was Not Alone’ »