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PPS-2322 Performance Verification and Automatic Fan Controller Design

As I mentioned previously, Amrel PPS-2322 (dual 32V/2A) does not have a fan controller so the fan is on whenever the power supply is on. The fan noise can become quite annoying and distracting. So I built a simple fan controller which would turn the fan on and off automatically depending on the heatsink temperature. Continue reading ‘PPS-2322 Performance Verification and Automatic Fan Controller Design’ »

Amrel PPS-2322 Programmable Power Supply Teardown

I picked up an Amrel PPS-2322 programmable power supply from eBay recently. You probably have not heard of the Amrel brand before as American Reliance (Amrel) no longer makes power supplies nowadays. Its power supply division was acquired by AMETEK Programmable Power, a subdivision of AMETEK back in 2010. While Amrel power supplies had been discontinued, Amrel branded electronic loads are still being actively developed and sold by AMETEK. Continue reading ‘Amrel PPS-2322 Programmable Power Supply Teardown’ »