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A Dual Sensor Fan Controller Build

A while back, I added a fan controller to my Topward 6603A power supply. Later on, when I bought a used programmable power supply (PPS-2322) I had to do the same thing. Both of those builds were done on protoboards but I had a feeling that many of my other projects could use a similarly designed fan controller as well. So I thought why not just have the PCB professionally made? Continue reading ‘A Dual Sensor Fan Controller Build’ »

PPS-2322 Performance Verification and Automatic Fan Controller Design

As I mentioned previously, Amrel PPS-2322 (dual 32V/2A) does not have a fan controller so the fan is on whenever the power supply is on. The fan noise can become quite annoying and distracting. So I built a simple fan controller which would turn the fan on and off automatically depending on the heatsink temperature. Continue reading ‘PPS-2322 Performance Verification and Automatic Fan Controller Design’ »

Adding a Fan Controller to Topward 6603A

I did a review on Topward’s 6603A linear power supply last time. In my opinion, Topward 6000 series power supplies are really well made and offer exceptional performance. One minor annoyance though, as I mentioned, is that the two cooling fans are constantly on. This makes the otherwise great piece of lab equipment rather noisy, even when the load is light. Continue reading ‘Adding a Fan Controller to Topward 6603A’ »