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BJT In Reverse Avalanche Mode

Transistors operating in their avalanche regions are often used to generate fast rise pulses (see avalanche pulse generator using 2N3904). Many transistors can also avalanche when the connections to collector and emitter are reversed. When operating in reverse avalanche region, these transistors are sometimes referred to as negistors. Continue reading ‘BJT In Reverse Avalanche Mode’ »

Avalanche Pulse Generator Build Using 2N3904

Avalanche transistors can be used to generate fast rise time pulses. Their usage in the hobby world was made popular following an application note (AN72) by Jim Williams and was further publicized via this EEVBlog video. Many people have built such avalanche pulse generators for oscilloscope bandwidth measurements. In this post, I will show you the one I built using a general purpose BJT as well as some rise time measurements. Continue reading ‘Avalanche Pulse Generator Build Using 2N3904’ »