Quite a few people had contacted me on the availability of the firmware for the Amrel PPS-2322 programmable power supply I did a teardown with a few years ago. I finally got a chance to it and backed it up with my TL866A, better late than never. For those who wanted to download a copy of the firmware, you can find the link towards the end of this post.

The chip used in the Ameral PPS 2322 for the firmware is a TI’s 512k TMS27C512 UV erasable EPROM.

If you don’t have a dedicated programmer and wanted to backup the content of your own EPROMs, you could use a port expander along with an Arduino to whip up a crude EPROM reader yourself, like I did when I backed up the firmware of my Keithley 196.

Amrel2322 firmware download:

md5 checksum: 8b30e3a7162988799e4aa6d800573b15

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