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Develop TBB Using KDevelop and Code::Blocks

I have been playing around with Intel’s open source TBB (Threading Building Block) recently. Continue reading ‘Develop TBB Using KDevelop and Code::Blocks’ »


When I tried WINE many years ago, there were not that many large applications that could actually run smoothly without some sort of hacks. Continue reading ‘MATLAB 7 under WINE’ »

Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server

Update: Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server — Step by Step

I switched my hosting environment from dasBlog + IIS on Windows to WordPress + LAMP on Linux a few days ago and everything seemed to have gone pretty smoothly so far. Continue reading ‘Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server’ »

FreeBSD Ports Upgrade Nightmare

I have a FreeBSD 6.2 box at home mainly for developing some UNIX/Linux based applications. Continue reading ‘FreeBSD Ports Upgrade Nightmare’ »