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On Default Linux IO Priority

If there is any thing I think Linux distributions can definitely improve upon is to reduce the default IO task priorities while running a Windows manager (e.g. GNOME or KDE). Continue reading ‘On Default Linux IO Priority’ »

An Image Class Based On IPP

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how to interface Integrated Performance Primitives (IPP) with Magick++. While IPP offers excellent performance advantages, it does not come with the easiest programming model. Fortunately, it is easy enough to create a C++ wrapper on top of IPP and provide an easier to use programming interface. Continue reading ‘An Image Class Based On IPP’ »

The Obstacles to Linux Going Mainstream

It was almost one year ago when I switched my main home computer to Linux. Since then, I have been using my Ubuntu 8.04 installation daily and have not found the need to boot up Windows at all. Continue reading ‘The Obstacles to Linux Going Mainstream’ »

Matrix Multiplication Performance in C++

A few days ago, I ran across this article by Dmitri Nesteruk. In his article, he compared the performance between C# and C++ in matrix multiplication. From the data he provided, matrix multiplication using C# is two to three times slower than using C++ in comparable situations. Continue reading ‘Matrix Multiplication Performance in C++’ »

Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server — Step by Step

I wrote a tutorial on how to setup WordPress on Ubuntu Server back in 2007. While the setup steps have largely remained the same from version 6.10 to 8.04 (both are long term support LTS versions), I decided to create an other guide focusing on the setup processes with Ubuntu Server 8.04. Continue reading ‘Setting up WordPress on Ubuntu Server — Step by Step’ »

Simple WordPress Standby Server

I mentioned in one previous post on how to do a physical to VM backup using simple Linux command. The method works pretty well as long as the kernel versions are kept in sync. Continue reading ‘Simple WordPress Standby Server’ »

Parsing Apache Server Log for Unique IPs

I created this short Perl script to tally the number of unique IPs from the Apache server log. Continue reading ‘Parsing Apache Server Log for Unique IPs’ »

Site Up Again

This afternoon I began to receive "Error establishing a database connection" error from my site. And when trying to login via ssh, the server hangs after the password is entered. Continue reading ‘Site Up Again’ »

MIDI Setup with OSS and ALSA

Setting up the hardware environment to support MIDI devices is relatively easy. in fact, most newer MIDI devices do not rely on the old sound card game port and adding a MIDI device is just like adding an external hard drive. The reason I had to resort to a dual sound card setup is because my MIDI keyboard (MK-4903) is more than ten years old and it only has a game port interface. Continue reading ‘MIDI Setup with OSS and ALSA’ »

A Dual Sound Card Setup

Newer sound card usually does not  come with a game port since most of the peripherals nowadays come almost exclusively with USB connections. Continue reading ‘A Dual Sound Card Setup’ »

Unity is the Future for VMs

I recently downloaded VMWare’s latest workstation product (VMWare Workstation 6.5) and set it up to run on my 64 bit Ubuntu 8.04 desktop. Continue reading ‘Unity is the Future for VMs’ »

Flash Site Compatibility Issue

It seems that the Toyota site does not render correctly with Firefox under Linux (with Flash plugin enabled). It definitely has something to do with the Linux version of Flash and how the site was constructed. Continue reading ‘Flash Site Compatibility Issue’ »

Flash 10 on Ubuntu 64 bit — Significant Performance Improvement

Flash 10 just came out a few days ago, and I just installed it using the information provided on Ubuntu Forum (I used the script from here to install on my 64bit Ubuntu). Continue reading ‘Flash 10 on Ubuntu 64 bit — Significant Performance Improvement’ »

PD1001 Webcam on Hardy Heron

I have an old webcam (Creative PD1001) which is not officially supported on Linux. Fortunately, Endpoints EPCAM USB Camera Driver is known to work with PD1001 on many Linux distros. Continue reading ‘PD1001 Webcam on Hardy Heron’ »

Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development

Qt is a cross-platform object oriented C++ framework for application development. Continue reading ‘Code::Blocks Settings for Qt Development’ »