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On The Origin of Linux

I stumbled upon this Linus video about the origin of Linux on YouTube the other day. I think this is such an excellent video that you should definitely take a look, whether you are a Linux fan or not and whatever your impression of Linus is (I think a lot of people only know him by a few quotes and not necessarily understand his philosophies.). Continue reading ‘On The Origin of Linux’ »

MIDI Setup with OSS and ALSA

Setting up the hardware environment to support MIDI devices is relatively easy. in fact, most newer MIDI devices do not rely on the old sound card game port and adding a MIDI device is just like adding an external hard drive. The reason I had to resort to a dual sound card setup is because my MIDI keyboard (MK-4903) is more than ten years old and it only has a game port interface. Continue reading ‘MIDI Setup with OSS and ALSA’ »

Olympics, Linux

I have to admit, not being able to watch Olympics on Linux is truly disappointing (I,II). Continue reading ‘Olympics, Linux’ »

Linux Only, Two Months Later

Since I built my new PC roughly two months ago, I have been running Linux (Ubuntu 8.04 64 bit) as my primary operating system, and I have not looked back. Continue reading ‘Linux Only, Two Months Later’ »

Hello Hardy Heron

After building my new quad-core computer (1, 2, 3), it was time for me to choose an operating system. Continue reading ‘Hello Hardy Heron’ »

NTFS Partition Recovery With Linux

Over the years, I have formed the habit of keeping an up-to-date backup copy of all my critical data on a regular basis. Continue reading ‘NTFS Partition Recovery With Linux’ »

GRUB Error 17, LILO Rules

Ubuntu and OpenSUSE have been my top choices of Linux distros over the years. Continue reading ‘GRUB Error 17, LILO Rules’ »


When I tried WINE many years ago, there were not that many large applications that could actually run smoothly without some sort of hacks. Continue reading ‘MATLAB 7 under WINE’ »

On Windows and Linux Process Scheduling

Today, both Windows and Linux systems are robust and secure enough for daily uses. Continue reading ‘On Windows and Linux Process Scheduling’ »

What Are My Favorite Sites Running On?

I have read from many sources that the majority of the websites are running on Linux and UNIX like operating systems. Continue reading ‘What Are My Favorite Sites Running On?’ »

Samba File Server Using a Parallel External Hard Drive

I have a DataStor parallel port external hard drive enclosure bought in 1997 and a laptop computer (Pentium MMX 133, 128M RAM) from around 2001. Continue reading ‘Samba File Server Using a Parallel External Hard Drive’ »